29 августа 2010 г.

INSPIRATION by Yalana Design

New awesome kit "Inspiration" 

The kit included: 8 papers, 48 elements at 300 dpi.

Personal use, S4H Friendly!
 Today 20% off!
Yalana also create this CU product:

You can buy them at:

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Have a fun! :)

26 августа 2010 г.

MAGIC EVENING by Marta Designs

New kit "Magic Evening" 
and old "Ma Passion"
"Magic Evening" magical night set for boys and girls
This kit contains:10 papers ,86 elements
 6 WA

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And Old Kit " Ma Passion"




Commercial Use 16

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20 августа 2010 г.

BIG SALES !!! 50% off Marta Designs' product!!!

Marta has for You Big sales, all her product 
50 % off
only 21-25 Augst

Coupon Code : BIGsales
(active 21 august ) 

 and more more.....

BYE BYE SUMMER TIME by StarLight Designs

New awesome kit "Bye Bye Summer Time"
by StarLight Designs
The set includes:

-103 elements
-16 papers  

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Ivonka has a new DESIGNERS CU


And look this:

this is old kits. ONLY 6$!
Have a wonderful weekend! :)

19 августа 2010 г.

BYE BYE SUMMER by Marta Designs

New wonderful kit "Bye Bye Summer"

Wonderful colors, elements, just in time for a farewell summer. 
Kit have 72 elements, 16 papers.

Cluster " Bye Bye Summer "

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Have a fun! :)

18 августа 2010 г.

CHILDREN'S WORLD by Yalana Design

New awesome kit "Children's world" 


  The kit included: 12 papers, 146 elements (including shadow) at 300 dpi. Not all show!
Personal use, S4H Friendly!


 The set includes 12 original perfect words . 
Personal use, S4H Friendly!

It includes 7 cluster-frames in png format 300 dpi + BONUS 1 paper free! 
 Personal use, S4H Friendly!

 This set includes 4 masks saved in the PNG format with 300 dpi.
 Personal use, S4H Friendly! 

 This is full version of kit "Childrens Word" It includes 146 elements, 
13 papers, pack of 7 clusters, 
12 WA, and pack of 4 mask! 
PU, S4H!
Today 20% off!

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14 августа 2010 г.

I LOVE BERRY CAKES by StarLight Designs

New beautiful kit "I love berry cakes" 

This kit includes:
- 13 papers
- 92 elements
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Have a great weekend! :)

12 августа 2010 г.

New Kits and CU by Marta Designs

New wonderful kit "Little Passion"
This is kit small enthusiast sewing, thread, buttons and ribbons
Many interesting ellements 


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Fantastic mini-kit "Scent of august" 
Set includes 9 papers, 42 elements



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 2 new CU




And don't forget - only four days 12aug-15aug 
Storewide 25% Sale at the After Five Designs!!!

 Have a great shopping!! :)