26 марта 2011 г.

***SPRING COMES SOFTLY*** by Kimla designs

New amazing shot "Spring comes softly" 
by Kimla Designs

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shot is coordinated with A5D collaboration kit (free with 10$ orders)

Please enjoy a little mini kit Freebie from Kasia on her blog

Freebie includes:
-1 paper
-14 elements(some with shadowed version)
all 300 dpi!
Personal Use only!
no piracy, no share please!

24 марта 2011 г.

***SPRING COOKING*** by Kimla Designs and ***Spring Comes Softly*** collab by A5D

New gorgeous kit "Spring Cooking" 
by Kimla Designs

kit includes:
- about 70 elements (mostly with realistic shadowed version)
- 9 beautiful hand painted papers
Personal Use Only!
S4H friendly!

all 300 dpi!

no piracy!no share please! 

now on special price, 30% off during Spring Fling Sale
24th-27th of March, Thursday- Sunday
only 4.89$ (regular price 6.99%)

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We are having Spring Sale at A5D till Sunday.
With each 10$ purchase you will recive this beautiful collaboration kit, 
Spring comes softly, so don't miss out!

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21 марта 2011 г.

***PURPLE CHARM*** by Yalana Designs

New awesome kit "Purple Charm"
by Yalana Designs

The kit included: 
20 papers, 
89 elements (some with shadow) at 300 dpi.  
It includes 8 cluster-frames in png format 300 dpi.
PU, S4H!
The set includes 8 original perfect words! 
S4H Friendly!
  The set included:

20 papers, 89 elements (some with shadow) at 300 dpi,

8 cluster-frames in png format 300 dpi,

8 original perfect words,

1 QP!

Buy here:


Sale 20%!!!

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18 марта 2011 г.

***GIRLS LOVE PINK*** by Marta Designs

New awesome kit "Girls Love Pink"
by Marta Designs

Kit includes:
12 papers 
84 elements 
6 WA

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11 марта 2011 г.

***BIRDS TRILL*** by Marta Designs

New amazing kit "Birds Trill"
by Marta Designs

54 elements , 5 papers



New CU

And 3 Old Kit

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Hugs! :)

10 марта 2011 г.

***Orange Tree*** by Kimla Designs

New sunny and bright kit "Orange Tree"
by Kimla Designs

kit includes:
- 9 papers
- 40 elements (almost everything with realistic shadowed version)
- alpha

all 300 dpi!
Personal Use Only!
S4H friendly! 
 now on 20% off sale
(10th-11th of March)Thursday-Friday
only 4.39$ (regular price 5.49$)

and the pack of beautiful ready to use overlays and wordarts, wich gives your pages special finishing touch

Pack of 4 Quick Pages

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Thanks for viziting! :)

8 марта 2011 г.

С 8 МАРТА! И вторая партия хэндмэйда

Поздравляю всех с 8 марта!!!!
Желаю счастья бесконечного и здоровья отменного!!

И вот моя вторая партия хэндмэйда :)

Открытки нашим мамам

Конечно много косяков, но я ведь только учусь :)
Ежели кто подскажет, на что нужно атласные ленточки приклеивать, буду премного благодарна (по незнанию приклеила на клей ПВА, а он, конечно же, просочился насквозь ленты, и получились некрасивые пятна..)

4 марта 2011 г.

***Happy Easter*** by Yalana Design

New gorgeous kit *Happy Easter*
by Yalana Design

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Hugs to all! :)

***Spring*** and ***Wedding day*** by Marta Designs

Today Marta has for you two brand new sets 
which you can find in her new shop

Shabby Pickle Designs


And Old Kits...

"Romantic Breakfast"


New Commercial Use 
pack 16 elements (png, 300dpi)


28 elements

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See you soon! :)